Our products mainly focus on teeth whitening light, teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening strip, teeth whitening pen, teeth whitening powder, Chúng tôi chấp nhận đảm bảo thương mại. And the products meet the standard of CE, FDA, CPSR, RoHS and EMC.

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As a professional manufacturer and exporter, Foshan Tanton Technology CO., Ltd is committed to the design, development and production of teeth whitening products from 2012. Headquartered in Foshan with convenient transportation access, Tanton is now a big family of over 200 employees in total.


Phật Sơn Tanton Technology Co.


Cold light tooth whitening is a commonly used tooth whitening technology. It uses high-intensity blue light to filter the harmful light and irradiate it on the teeth


The redox reaction of the whitening agent removes the pigment attached to the tooth surface to achieve the whitening effect

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