Notes On Teeth Whitening

1.Pay attention to oral care can prevent pigment regeneration. Brushing teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, which is one of the methods of teeth whitening. Many people think that brushing teeth is just to prevent teeth decay. In fact, brushing teeth is the key to teeth whitening. Choosing high-quality toothpaste and adhering to regular brushing can also play a role in teeth whitening.

2.For sensitive teeth,effective teeth whitening treatmentmay bring discomfort. Some customers who have dentine hypersensitivity may have slight symptoms of teeth sensitivity and soreness after treatment. Don’t worry, that is just slight ache caused by the treatment. The symptoms would disappear in 2-24 hours.
Notes On Teeth Whitening-

3.In the treatment, users shouldmake sure thatthe whitening gel is only on the teeth. Please be careful not to let the gel beyond the teeth. You should try to avoid the gel flowing to not the part of teeth, like mouth, gums, eyes, skin. If the gel is accidentally on those parts, you need to clean it  and wash with water immediately.

4.The treatment time of teeth whitening. Generally, it is used once a day for 10-25 minutes. Users can control the treatment time according to the teeth condition. After 3-4 treatment, the teethcan reach the whiten effect that up to 4-8 shades in the shade guide.
Notes On Teeth Whitening-

5.Avoid “Dyeing” food after teeth whiteningtreatment. The most important reason for yellowteeth is the secretion of many gunk on the surface of teeth. Teeth stain comes from tea, coffee, drinks, smoke and some minerals in water would . To keep white teeth, we should pay attention to drink less coffee, eat less coloring food.

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