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Not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening

Many girls also want to have the same type of white teeth, but not everyone is suitable for teeth whitening, and there are side effects after teeth whitening. Did you know?
People who are not suitable for teeth whitening

1. Patients with periodontal disease: Because the periodontal condition itself is very sensitive and fragile, if the periodontal is stimulated again, the condition will worsen.

2. Minors: The enamel of minors is relatively fragile and cannot withstand the stimulation caused by teeth whitening.

3. Tetracycline teeth: This pathological phenomenon cannot be whitened by cold light irradiation, but magnets or crowns can be selected for restoration.

4. Pregnant women: The chemicals used in teeth whitening, once inhaled by pregnant women, are likely to cause fetal malformations and even miscarriage.

5. Severe chronic diseases: For people with chronic diseases such as serious heart disease, asthma, and high blood pressure, if they are too nervous during the operation, it is likely that their blood pressure will rise and cause diseases.
Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Generally, after the operation, the teeth may be accompanied by soreness and sensitivity, but rest assured, the discomfort will improve after two days. During this time, try not to eat cold/hot, irritating foods. For longer-lasting whitening effects, stay away from cigarettes, coffee, strong tea, and foods with darker pigments.
Many people do not understand teeth whitening. They either think that teeth whitening has side effects, or blindly believe in exaggerated publicity advertisements on the Internet, or simply do it without knowing whether they are suitable for teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a medical practice, so be sure to choose a reliable institution and doctor to avoid irregular teeth whitening that can lead to tooth sensitivity, red and swollen gums or other irreversible diseases.