New teeth whitening kit

Now we can see various intelligent derivatives on the market. In particular, the modern medicine science derivative is very popular. For example, cosmetic medical device is gradually become household product. In particular, beauty and personal care is very hot category now. The combination of beauty and personal care, new teeth whitening kit account for an increasing share of the market.

Products with quick effect, less side effects and low price become the choice of modern people. For modern people, skin care is not enough, because people ultimately want to be a 100% good-looking. Therefore, in addition to skin care, oral care is also valued by people these years.

For traditional teeth care, people would choose toothpaste, charcoal powder, mouthwash, but that’s not enough for people who wants to beautify their teeth. Is there any method to whiten teeth, just like whiten skin? Of course there is product can whiten teeth.

In the past few years, there have been teeth whitening pens and whiten strips. The main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide. And then there is carbamide peroxide gel. After that, there is non peroxide gel. And recently there is PAP gel in the market. Teeth whitening gel is evolving in the direction of no side effects and no sensitivity. But that’s not still unable to meet the needs of fast whitening effect. At the same time, while upgrading whitening gel, people also developed a device to promote the efficiency of teeth whitening gel. This device is the teeth whitening light we can see now. It uses blue cold whitening technology. When applying the blue light on the whitening gel, the gel will act quickly to produce the whitening factor, so that the whitening factor can effectively penetrate into the essential layer of the tooth to degrading the coloring of the essential layer, which make the teeth whitener. No side effects, no harm to tooth tissue, no harm to tooth nerve.

In these years, the combination of teeth whitening light and teeth whitening gel become hot item for its fast whiten result. At the beginning, such good set is used for treatment for dental fluorosis, tetracycline teeth, pigmentation, enamel hypoplasia, dental caries, dead pulp teeth, ect. The innovation of science and technology and people's demand for whitening teeth, make tooth whitening popular and common to use in daily life.

2 new teeth whitening kit

New teeth whitening kit-

Nowadays, such home use teeth whitening set is gradually close to professional treatment. Many supplier now release teeth whitening kit for the market. In a teeth whitening kit, we can see there is a blue LED whitening accelerating light, 1 or some mouth tray, some pcs of whitening gel pen/syringe, 1 shade guide, 1 user manual. And now such a kit is in gift box package. Like Furein Smile, recently release some new kits.

1. 6 LED Light Teeth Whitening Kit With 3 pcs Whitening Gel

This kit is includes a 6 LED whitening light with 10 min timer(2 batteries included), 3 pcs 3 ml whitening syringe with gel, 1 silicone mouth tray, 1 shade guide, 1 user manual, in magnetic box package.

Basically, each whitening kit contains whitening gel, and the light is the key to decide the kit. The light uses button battery as power supply, which is very convenient and compact for use. We call it the battery light. Because gel is not directly accessible to gum, mouth, skin, just can use on the teeth, in order to use whitening gel with the light in more safe way, usually there is a mouth tray in the kit. In this kit, the mouth tray is made of food graded silicone that is very soft and not easy to deform. And there is 3 pcs whitening gel in the kit. The gel is storage in the syringe, easy to squeeze the gel on the mouth tray. In addition, there is 10 minute timer in the light, the light would turn off automatically after 10 minutes, so there is no need to worry about forgetting the treatment time. And if want better effect, user can turn on the light again for another 10 minutes. What’s more, there is 3 colors of the light: white, black, pink. The box can be white or black.

2. Rechargeable Teeth Whitening Kit With 3 pcs Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

This kit includes a 32 LED rechargeable teeth whitening light, 1 built-in mouth tray, 3 psc teeth whitening gel pens, 1 shade guide, 1 user manual.

For the whitening light, battery light is first made in the history of teeth whitening. It is common used, so now many kit use battery light. But many people do not like to change battery often. Most important, battery light is very mini, so the quantity of LED bulbs is limited. The LED bulbs can only put together in the middle, which means the light is concentrated on the front teeth, less light reach back teeth. So the rechargeable light came into being. The light is designed with a built-in mouth tray on the bulbs, the quantity of bulbs can reach 32 LED which means the light can reach all the teeth and make gel  to react with pigment on every tooth. And there is 16 min timer in the light which is set with best treatment time.  Most important, in this kit, it use twist pen for the whitening gel that can apply the gel evenly on the mouth tray. Also there is 3 colors of the light: white, black, pink. And the box can be white or black.


These are the new teeth whitening kit. Kits are MSDS, FDA, CPSR approved that the quality is good. Furein Smile has been in the line of teeth whitening for more than 10 years. We mainly focus on teeth whitening light, teeth whitening gel pen/syringe, teeth whitening kit, teeth whitening strip.  All our product is enjoying good reputation and has no problem after sale. Also we welcome OEM/ODM/Private Label orders. More information please contact with our customer service, or send inquiry to us. We would get back to you within 24 hours.