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Is laser teeth whitening effective?

Principles of Teeth Whitening

There are two types of true teeth whitening on the market.

One is to apply a white covering on the surface of the teeth, penetrate into the tubules of the teeth and attach to the surface of the teeth to achieve the whitening effect(With this method, the fastness of the attachment will not be very high, and the duration is very short, so we will not discuss it here.)

The other uses hydrogen peroxide to oxidize and reduce the colored substances in the tubules to show the original tooth color. There are two types of dentistry, which are clinic and home dentistry. The clinic has a high concentration of 35% hydrogen peroxide, and even 45% HP. Before whitening, you need to do a series of operations such as gum protection. (This type requires professional operating knowledge, please do not try it personally.)

There are two types for household use. One is to directly add low-concentration hydrogen peroxide (3%-8%), and the other is to add carbamide peroxide, which generates hydrogen peroxide through decomposition of carbamide peroxide to achieve a sustained release effect.

Whether at home or in clinics, after the two types of whitening, teeth will gradually change color. It can last for about 1-2 years, depending on individual circumstances. Tooth tubules are in an open state, and staining is inevitable.

Is the esthetic device useful? The answer is yes.

The role of the dental instrument in teeth whitening is to promote decomposition and protect the gel from contact with the oral cavity as much as possible. Blue light does have the effect of accelerating the reaction, and the protective effect is greater.

Teeth whitening is a whitening process that continuously acts on and penetrates the teeth

What determines the quality of the teeth whitening kit?

Gel, gel, gel! The important thing is said three times. A good gel can prevent dental acid, and the damage to the oral cavity will be less

What kind of gel is best?

  • The concentration is low, and the hydrogen peroxide concentration is controlled at the limit of 3%-4%, which is the safest. (Mouthwash level)
  • It has a good consistency and is not easy to turn into water. A good gel is more attached to the surface of the teeth for a penetrating whitening effect, rather than turning into water and mixing saliva to act on the oral cavity.

Is the dental instrument effective for fluorosis and tetracycline teeth? The answer is effective, but the whitening time takes longer.

Furein Smile Homeuse Whitener uses blue cold teeth whitening LED light technology, which is considered as the most effective and safe teeth discoloration technology. And the built-in mouth tray is in food graded EVA material with no irritation and adverse reactions.

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