How to whiten teeth scientically?

To know how to whiten scientifically, first of all, we need to know: What kind of teeth are white? What is the original color of teeth?

1.Teeth color = Enamel + Dentin

What color should the teeth be? It must not the color of white paper.

In fact, the color of teeth is determined by Enamel and Dentin.

The outermost layer of the tooth is Enamel, which is the hardest part of the human bone. It surrounds the surface of the crown and its color is milky white. The inner layer of enamel is Dentin, which is also very hard tooth tissue, but it is not as hard as Enamel.
How to whiten teeth scientically?-

The Enamel is milky white or light yellow. The higher the degree of mineralization, the more transparent color it is. The Dentin is light yellow which is covered by enamel at the crown.
How to whiten teeth scientically?-

Moreover, because  translucence is the nature of Enamel. Healthy and natural teeth would not be like a piece of white paper. Original teeth are more like a translucent white paper covered on a piece of light yellow paper.

Generally speaking, the more transparent the Enamel is, the more yellow the Dentin is, and the more yellow the teeth would be.

  1. What causes the teeth to become yellow?

If the disease is not taken into account, the more mineralized teeth are, the stronger teeth are in theory. But at the same time, it is more likely to show the yellow color of the dentin inside, and looks more yellow.

In addition to the color difference caused by different degrees of congenital teeth calcification, the following are the common causes of yellow teeth:

(1)Long term smoking, drinking tea, coffee and some iron supplements may lead to teeth stain.

(2)Tooth decay and dental calculuslead to yellow teeth. In the development process of tooth decay, the most typical is the discoloration and disintegration of the hard tissue of the teeth; the calculus is attached to the surface of the teeth which is yellow or even black originally and make the teeth look yellow.

(3)Non carious diseases, such as dental fluorosis and tetracycline teeth, can also cause color changes. The former is due to exposure to high fluoride drinking water and chronic fluorosis during tooth development, while the latter is due to exposure to tetracycline antibiotics during tooth development.(These two kinds of diseases are rare now, especially tetracycline teeth)

  1. How to whiten healthy teeth?

In addition to dental diseases, more often, teeth are in health condition. But healthy teeth is not enough. Many people are still not satisfied with their own teeth color. And they require good method to have white teeth.

Here Furein Smile recommends to use teeth whitening kit.
How to whiten teeth scientically?- How to whiten teeth scientically?-













The teeth whitening kit uses advanced blue cold light technology.
How to whiten teeth scientically?- How to whiten teeth scientically?-













Cold light whitening, the scientific name is called tooth bleaching therapy. In this treatment, a small amount of controllable oxidant (such as hydrogen peroxide) is placed on the crown for bleaching in a short period of time, while laser, infrared and blue light (cold light) irradiation are used to increase the decolorization effect.

How to whiten teeth scientically?- How to whiten teeth scientically?- How to whiten teeth scientically?-









These teeth whitening kits are from Furein Smile which is devoted to manufacturing teeth whitening product for more than 10 years. Our blue cold light is in good whitening effect which can maintain for more than 1 year. If you have interest, please feel free to contact with our customer service!

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