Can professional tooth washing whiten our teeth

In fact, tooth washing and teeth whitening are two different concepts, so what are the differences between them?

  1. 1.Method

At present, ultrasonic and sandblasting are commonly used in professional tooth washing. And now teeth whitening often use whitening gel, blue cold whitening light and even professional whitening light machine.

  1. 2.Purpose

The main purpose of tooth washing is to prevent and treat periodontal diseases by effectively cleaning and removing the plaque and calculus attached to the surface of teeth. And for teeth whitening, it is mainly depends on the whitening gel to remove teeth pigment and whiten teeth, which is to beautify teeth and get beautiful smile.

  1. Users

Tooth washing is a way of oral health care, aiming at the patients with unclean teeth and dental stones. And teeth whitening is suitable for fashion people who pursue for personal beauty. Some teeth problems can not solved by tooth washing, such as teeth stained with exogenous pigment (coffee stains, tobacco stains, tea stains, etc.), moderate to mild tetracycline teeth, dental fluorosis, hereditary yellow teeth, which can be solved with teeth whitening treatment.
Can professional tooth washing whiten our teeth-

What is cold light teeth whitening?

Cold light whitening is a new tooth whitening technology which is popular in Europe and America. It can not only remove the pigment deposition on the surface of teeth, but also can enter the deep layer of teeth to achieve the effect of decoloration. Experiments show that the effect of cold light tooth whitening technology can increase 4-10 shade. The operation process only takes 15-30 minutes, no side effects, whitening effect can be maintained for more than two years.

Nowadays, more and more people attach importance to teeth whitening and many people are using teeth whitening products. With the increasing demand for teeth whitening products, people have higher and higher requirements for it.

In order to meet the need of modern people, Furein Smile launched new teeth whitening kit.
Can professional tooth washing whiten our teeth- Can professional tooth washing whiten our teeth- Can professional tooth washing whiten our teeth-








This is a portable rechargeable teeth whitening kit includes 1 LED teeth whitening light with 1 built-in mouth tray, 1 recharging cable, 3 teeth whitening gel pens, 1 15 color shade guide, 1 user manual and 1 gift box.

The LED light uses blue cold teeth whitening technology, and the bulb quantity can up to 32 LED. And also there is 16 and 24 LED light to choose.

There is 2 ml teeth whitening gel in the pen. The gel type can be Carbamide Peroxide, Hydrogen Peroxide and Non Peroxide. 3 types of gel are in good whitening result. People can choose according to their teeth condition.

And the gift box, light and pen can print logo. If you have interest, just send your design for more details. Furein Slime welcome any inquiries!

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