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4 Ways to Fix a Yellow Teeth – wikiHow

Because you don't dare to open your mouth too wide even with a yellow tooth, you are afraid of being seen by the color of your teeth, which will affect your appearance.

Even on some important occasions, because of his yellow teeth and lack of self-confidence, he will involuntarily block his mouth when talking to others.

Sometimes I will be very annoyed when I look in the mirror at home. I don’t know what to do. How can I make my yellow teeth white?
1. Teeth whitening surgery

For some beauty lovers, their yellow teeth can't arouse any goodwill at all, and they are often worried about their yellow teeth. If they want to make their teeth white, they can generally do it by doing Teeth whitening surgery.
Now the technology of tooth whitening surgery is relatively mature, and we have more than ten years of clinical experience in our country. By doing tooth luminescence cosmetic surgery, the pigment on the teeth can be replaced, and this method can achieve the effect of whitening teeth.

2. Use dental floss daily

To keep your teeth white, you need to clean not only the front of the teeth, but also the gaps between the teeth. If food residues remain in the gaps, the teeth will look yellow. Dental floss can effectively remove the residual material between the teeth. Using the dental floss to gently slide between the teeth can have a good cleaning effect on tartar, and it is not easy to damage the gums.

3. Pay attention to food residues

Many people often ignore the problem of food residues in the teeth gaps when they pay attention to the problem of teeth whitening. Experts point out that many times the cause of our teeth yellowing is closely related to food residues. Leftover food can damage your teeth, so you should always pay attention to food residues in your daily life, so that your teeth can look whiter.

4, choose the correct cleaning toothpaste

Regarding the choice of toothpaste is very important, I looked at many types of toothpaste on the Internet, and finally chose this Furein toothbrush