4 In 1 Interfaces Battery Free Teeth Whitening Kit

Now teeth whitening kit is popular among young people. And when we search ”teeth whitening kit” in Amazon or EBAY, we can see there are many kit which include a battery light + some whitening gel in the kit. There’s no doubt that such a combination is great. But when the button battery has run out, we need to change it. And if we are on a trip, battery kit may be not so convenient.

To make teeth whitening more widely used, Furein Smile has a 4 in 1 interfaces kit for smart phone use.

4 In 1 Interfaces Battery Free Teeth Whitening Kit-4 In 1 Interfaces Battery Free Teeth Whitening Kit-

This kit includes a 32 LED whitening accelerator light with 4 interfaces: iPhone, USB, Android, Type-C. And 1 built-in mouth tray, 3 whitening gel pens, 1 shade guide, 1 user manual included. This kit has no batteries and it use with any smart phone with OTG function. Just a smart phone can become a power supply of the light, which allows teeth whitening to be battery free. And the mouth tray is built-in the light, which is soft can suit any size teeth,

Then let’s see how to use this kit.

  1. Rinse the mouth tray on the light. Dry it. Apply 1 ml whitening gel on the tray.
  2. Connect the interface you need to the light, then connect to your phone.
  3. Put the light into your mouth and put the tray on the teeth. Adjust the tray to fit with your teeth
  4. Turn on the OTG function in the setting of your phone.(When connecting, some phone can automatically turn on OTG. When you see the light is on once connected, that means OTG has turned on)
  5. Keep thetray on the teeth for 15-25 minutes. This is 1 treatment.

This is a video introduction: https://youtu.be/43cwLGMP3QQ

Keep using the kit once a day, you would see whitening effect that at least up to 4 shade in the shade guide.

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